Large-scale, rapidly configurable facilities support the development, test and validation of a wide variety of green technologies including hybrid electric driveline vehicles, electric vehicles, bio-diesel and methanol engines, as well as alternative energy concepts such as wind turbines wave power, hydro-electric systems and solar power

Our major test laboratories are built on a large scale and many are designed with flexibility in mind - making the development of bespoke test rigs both quick and cost effective. Often this is critical for green technologies where standard tests fail to address the performance advantages and unique vulnerabilities of new technologies. With engine test cells equipped to take up to 2 MW engines, chassis dynamometers capable of running real-word test cycles like the Transport for London Route 159 cycle, over 800 m2 of structural durability laboratory, vibration test laboratory and environmental chambers capable of handling a range from -70 deg C to +120 deg C, we have a potent array of facilities. If you want something a bit different, or need to replicate an in-house test rig, we can create new rigs very quickly and cost effectively using our modular approach to rig build and rapidly reconfigurable laboratory space.

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