Leading edge services to prove the environmental benefit, reliability and durability of green technologies

CSA Group is proud to lead the way in encouraging and assisting the development of green technologies.

Our industrial laboratories are the ideal proving ground for new concepts and our innovative team of engineers have all the skills necessary to establish new, effective test procedures that are required to ensure the technology delivers its full potential from Day 1 and continues to do so throughout its life.

Our vehicle experience means we can add tremendous value to hybrid vehicle programmes by not only providing bespoke test and validation programmes but also by providing access to a wealth of knowledge about vehicle operating conditions, operator requirements, and how to deal with all the systems normally powered off the engine.

CSA Group is actively working with partners on hybrid vehicle programmes, bio-fuel and other alternative fuel initiatives and is also working on low carbon power generation systems such as wind turbines, wave power, hydro-electric systems and solar power.

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